Happy Hour Girls: BluStone Bistro left me feeling blue

imageThis was our second trip to BluStone Bistro at 661 Albany Shaker Rd in Albany NY and both trips resulted in never getting to experience happy hour. On the first  time out they were undergoing a renovation to the property, which adjoins the Hotel Indigo. They advertise their happy hour as running from 3:30-6:30 PM. Very generous. We arrived at 4:00 on a week day and there was no one in sight. NOBODY. No customers no employees. It was rather surreal. And yes, they were open. So after standing around for about five minutes and occasionally shouting out “hello????” We became too creeped out and left.

Our second venture occurred post renovation. On this day there were patrons sitting at tables, a group of three women and a single man at tables with drinks in front of them. So far so good…. We sat down at the bar and waited. And waited. And waited. A couple times people who were obviously employees came behind the bar and did stuff but nobody even looked at us let alone acknowledged our existence. After about ten minutes when we were ready to admit defeat and pack it in, a bartender showed up!!  When we pointed out just how long we had been there and that we were ready to leave, we got a rather half assed apology. So figuring we would get some info at least, we inquired about their happy hour and were told “$5.00 beer and wine and $7.00 well drinks”. That was it. No idea if they had food specials or not. We were too turned off at this point. And quite frankly there are 10,000 way better happy hours with  $5.00 well drinks. Well?  Good luck BluStone. On your present trajectory I don’t see much success for your happy hour. Certainly no happiness.


🍸martini rating out of 🍸🍸🍸🍸🍸